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Иностранные языки и языкознание

  • Public holydays in Great Britain

    In Scotland, the New Year's Day is also a public holiday. Most of these holidays are of religious origin, though it would be right to say that for the greater part of the population they have long lost their religious significance and simply days on which people relax, eat, drink and make merry. All the public holidays, except Christmas Day and Boxing Day observed on December 25th and 26th respectively, are movable, that is they do not fall on the same day each year.

  • A Comparison between Beowulf & Redcrosse Knight

    Both Beowulf and Redcrosse Knight exemplify the perfect hero in two separate periods, The Middle Age & The Early Modern Period. The story of Beowulf shows the effect of the spread of Christianity in the early Danish paganistic society that values heroic deeds and bravery above all else. Beowulf’s heroism is explored in three separate conflicts, those with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the sea monster.

  • My English Studies

    Today it is quite evident that everyone should know at least one foreign language. Knowing one or more foreign languages makes it possible to get acquainted with different ways of thinking, to understand a new civilisation. Learning a foreign stimulates mental abilities and gives you a chance to appreciate a new literature, a different culture and to broaden your outlook. Besides, knowing foreign languages has a practical value. It helps to improve the quality of your work, because it reduces the time lost on obtaining the necessary information.

  • American Revolution and War for Independence

    This paper is dedicated to the history of American Revolution and the War for Independence. The primary purpose of the survey given here is to carry out an analysis of the events of the late 18th century in the British colonies in North America on the basis of vast historical material published in the United States. The process that took place before and during the 1776-1783 period when 13 British colonies’ aspiration for.

  • Вспомогательные глаголы

    Вспомогательные глаголы - это такие глаголы, с помощью которых образуются сложные глагольные формы. Вспомогательные глаголы не имеют своего самостоятельного лексического значения и служат лишь показателем времени, залога, наклонения и в некоторых случаях—лица и числа смыслового глагола, с которым они употребляются.

  • Bread in our life

    Bread is more than just a food. Just think of how the word is used: A person’s “bread and butter” is his or her main source of sustenance, while bread or dough can be cash, plain and simple. When people “break bread” they share more than just a meal: They come together in body as well as spirit. It’s not surprising that bread is imbued with special meaning. Since the first raised breads were baked in Egypt around 4,000 B.C., bread has been a vital food source for peoples around the globe.

  • Страноведческая ценность английских фразеологизмов

    Национальными британскими играми считаются футбол, крикет, скачки, бильярд. Многие фразеологизмы связаны со скачками, петушиными боями, с боксом. Им свойственны юмор, житейская мудрость, их содержанием является наш мир, окружающая среда, а атмосферой – проницательный, твердый, лишенный романтики здравый смысл. В центре внимания находятся удача и деньги. Удовлетворение, доставляемое богатством и успехом, выражается во многих фразеологизмах.

  • «A Farewell to Arms»

    I chose to read the novel as well as view the 1932 movie staring Gary Cooper to review. As usual, the novel and movie are different in the delivery of the story yet parallel most of the same aspects Hemingway was trying to convey about love and war. The novel was much more in depth than the movie and mostly, the novel focused more on the war than did the movie.

  • English idioms

    If you look up the word idiom in Webster, you will be given the following definition: Idiom is an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent element as kick the bucket, hang one's head etc., or from the general grammatical rules of language, as the table round for the round table, and which is not a constituent of a larger expression of like characteristics. This definition seems a bit dry and doesn't really tell anything about the function of idioms in English language.

  • Ecological problems

    The Earth is the only planet in the solar system where there is life. If you look down at the Earth from a plane you will see how wonderful our planet is. You will see blue seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, high snow-capped mountains, green forests and fields. For centuries man lived in harmony with nature until industrialization brought human society into conflict with the natural environment. Today, the contradictions between man and nature have acquired a dramatic character. With the development of civilization man’s.